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1st of all id like to state you aint on my level
curse em all that's their fate need to be more respectful
Im diverse so you hate now you think you special
snatch your purse then escape hope u learned your lesson
could be worst bust yo grape wont be no confessions
bloodthirsty duct tape .38 smith and wesson
coerce and cut cake thats my main objective
unrehearsed on these fakes and im so successful
get immersed in a verse wait i got several
for what its worth i equate as the black johnny rebel
this my turf you aint safe and im not gonna settle
like a nerfball you lightweight im heavy like metal
ill traverse peep my growth rate you slow like turtles
hit reverse scrape your faceplate im plucking your petals
i dont disburse i collect checkmate ima rebeL
quinch my thirst accelerate mash out gas pedal

Im occupying hip hop im a one man army
theres no denying I wont stop i dont know any boundaries
flying high im on top thats where you can find me
and you dying just to drop everybody wanna sign me
stop lying you're not hot you're the white mans property
you comply an awful lot plus yo rhymes real sloppy
the bad guy the have nots i represent that properly
iM thriving close up shop we aint with yo monopoly
nose dive belly flop yeah fuck your commodities
horrify em everytime i drop there aint no buying me
crucify em burn they crops im the new king sovereignty
deify me or get chopped down goes your colony
evil eye is on the watch and they wont stop following me
stimuli hit your spot and thats why they bother me
you realize that barack is a black carbon copy
victimize or get shot like tupac in the lobby

Im heavyweight even though i only weigh 112
im connected like the Bering strait its time to set sail
ressurected from the grave bitch i just posted bail
Ive escaped from the slave ship its time to raise hell
uninfected by that bullshit im tipping the scales
you're not protected got a full clip with hollowpoint shells
what you expected not a puppet i can think for myself
got checks on mind and my eyes on your wealth
its a theft by taking but you stole it yourself
so dont go yelling violation hazardous to your health
annihilation bust shots till no one is left
you on a permeanant vacation should have watched your step
you done fell and cant get up and there is no help
buzzards swarming all around cause they smell your death
theres no expiration date im fresh off the shelf
hotter than a motherfucker watch me melt.

I dont really care what they say about dee
when it comes to rapping ima star on these beats
I aint never been a hater but they love to hate me
rapmonster on fire thats the word in the streets

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