A Message To Our Culture

Dear Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment,

It's been a full week since the release of your sophomore album. My reaction to the surprise drop last weekend was somber, but know I'm feeling the NRG of this album "TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY" engulfing my soul. Now let me describe what I mean by that. 

Not so long ago I was able to use my 3rd Eye powers to peep into the world of Kendrick and his record label, with his Jedi mates Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and SchoolBoy Q. To say the least I've been anticipating only good works from their crew. As of today I've not been let down by the breadth of creativity that evolves out of their camp. Top Dawg Entertainment has a solid Jedi team that can tackle the industry head on from several different fronts. 

This brings me back to Kendrick, who is a master of disguise in my mind.  Look at this guy, he doesn't look intimidating like Tu-Pac, no visible tats, no visible outcry for attention, no push or pull on ego and image, non the less you don't wanna mess with this brothers intellect. The reasoning behind this must be his prowess of self. Prowess of self allows him to live in the skin he's in comfortably when he's practicing his martial art of Hip Hop. Compare Top Dawg Entertainment to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and you see that he easily becomes Leonardo! The leader of the Turtle Clan, but willing and honored to see his brothers & sisters crush the comp. 

All this allegory is leading up to my point, trust me. There must be this place where Hip Hop has a place to destroy the paradigm placed before the mass consumer culture. And Kendrick took the place where his Ninja Turtle brothers just did an infiltration Shinobi strategy and have placed their image in the minds of popular culture.  Now that "LYRICS" for the soul have been unleashed by Kendrick, where his brothers, Ab-Soul did a Donatello move and pushed mental science "LYRICS", and SchoolBoy Q did the Michelangelo thing and made rebel party music "LYRICS", you can only imagine what Jay Rock is gonna do!!!

Their part in this transition in History is monumental, and even the crux that will be studied about 15 years from now then the Hip Hop movement is moving in a direction that facilitates the message of a culture that lives in the cities, ghettos, suburbs and farms alike, but never degrades the human soul by allowing marketing to dictate the pure sound that each individual HipHop soul must make for Hip Hop to continue living out our ancestors dreams of MU-SIC as our pure power in a Kingdom where OBJECTS have become more valuable than people. 

What do you want? Do you want to see the continued abuse of people in our culture overlooked and packaged into media moments, with deaths by police, abuse by the system, and an image of us herded into the arms of a shepherd through control that influences us to move in the wrong direction? I do not believe that's what people want. I do see that's what people are blinded to continually do.

Kendrick's album posted a message to the shepherd that we are coming for the sheep. There is time to wake up and make a message yourself. The question is are you in a position to do it and do you have enough power within to believe no matter what, Godz got the illest camp in town? This album marks time for those who are conflicted and wish to continue making mind control music for their families to consume and blow past this opportunity to ride this amazing wave of "LION KINGZ" returning to their essence to rule the WIDE OPEN PLAINS RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA! 

Thank you Kendrick for a PWRFUL album!!!!!!!!

Grind N Glow!

Barclay Z Vol 3 is on me!!!

DJ Dabbin aka "The Last Dragon"

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