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In Life, we are given signs that force us to choose between LIFE and DEATH. Certain experiences place us on journeys that can change your world for better or worst. The following experiences opened my eyes to see what was important for me to survive also help others live life and beyond.

During a Human Biology course in college, I was enlightened about my health. Human Biology was a requirement, not my course of choice. However, the blessings I received in the class, inspired me to change the way I viewed my BODY. The Professor kept the class very interesting throughout the semester. She did a health experiment by asking us to weigh ourselves in the beginning and end of the course. Learning about how the cells, organs, muscles “works” to save me every minute of the day, just sparked a new energy to my MIND. How GREAT a body truly means to The Creator. The Creator thought about every detail to keep us functioning without effort on our part. “Why do I take my body for granted?" I thought to myself. I received an awakening every time I put something in my mouth.

During September 11th, 2001, I was enlightened about my Life. Life can be taken away at anytime… “Am I ready?” I thought to myself. I am a victim of violence but I am a survivor… The blessings I received inspired me to change the way I view my SOUL. My family was very important to me so getting home was my main focus. I didn't realize the devastation of so many people after the buildings fell until I made it home safely… Money is not worth my Life, “WHAT IS EVERLASTING LIFE”… Needless to say, I am fighting to stay alive... I want to save your life also.

A Big Sista Letter: Higher Learning in College; is just that!!! Not everyone is able to afford the tuition, the time, nor the patience to sit in a classroom setting, but learning do not stop after HS Graduation... College gives you access to materials to read, the books to study, the videos to compare, and write 7-10 page papers of our findings, our perspective, our observations, our analysis, our point of view with statistics, facts and evidence to prove your theory.... At the end of the day, everyone is on social media at their convenience... So sharing these helpful informational videos and my findings with people who are not in College, will keep them up-to-date with knowledge being discussed in Higher Learning... My major has always been communication - Africa History: The Lost and Found ... Your comments and your post has lead me down many 'mental' avenues and I appreciate the growth... I pray you find peace in this overwhelming knowledge and information about our ancestors lives, so we are able to move forward in healing our minds from poor communications over our body, mind and soul.. 'We learn something new every day!'

Thank you for your support in changing the way we view our body, mind and soul…

Yolanda aka Ms.Lady Lifestyle

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  • Nice writing... Poignant and on time!
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